I was a migrant and you welcomed me

Yo era migrante y tú me acogiste (MT 25:35).

Photos from shelter then information and short reflection.


Francisco I. Madero
Casa de migrante
Nadero 350
Colonia Viveros
Nuevo Laredo Mexico
C.p. 88070

In the photo collection you will notice a green wall. The rooms inside are for precautionary isolation. Unique in all Nuevo Leon is this shelter subspecialty. Here new arrivals, with no available screening for contagious diseases, are housed for observation. Once cleared they join the general population.

In the general spaces housing approximately 105 (65 women children, 40 men). There is private space for small families as well. They are expanding the available beds. Before the border lockdown the average stay is 45 days. Currently much longer due to processing time.

Education is a large deficiency of the shelter. It is difficult to attract education charitable support for micro-burst education programs. Education regimes that are compact and daily but not over many months are micro-burst programs. For the children it is a critical setback. For adults it is ruination of the mind.

My host was Father Marvin Leonel Ajic Avana a priest of the Missionary of St Charles – Scalabrinians. There are eight such shelters run by the order in the Mexican Guatemalan zone. More around the world.

Current Needs: 1. Altar linens and sacred vessels. The chapel doubles as quiet space for moments of psychological and spiritual difficulty. 2. Microphone and speaker system to allow group meetings to occur. 3. Any nonperishable food and fresh fruits and vegetables. 4. Whatever a heart is moved to offer.

Web site on their work: https://www.migrantes.com.mx/

Scalabrinians web site: http://www.scalabrinians.org/

Read for background: https://www.borderreport.com/hot-topics/immigration/tamaulipas-the-new-devils-triangle-for-central-american-migrants/

Read for background: https://www.howderfamily.com/blog/nuevo-leon-border/


I thought I was done. But the work of the Scalabrinians has opened new ways to assist our community as they are traveling. Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear have obligación.

Peace be with you,

Deacon Gerry

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