I am reminding you

Feast of Saints Philip & James, Apostles
Readings: 1 COR 15:1-18; PS 19:2-5; In 14:6-14

I have been careful to not post spiritual reflections during the first two weeks of the Camino, rather only photo essays of the journey.

It has been as peaceful as you might surmise from the photos.

On the Camino I have been careful not to reserve a bed for each stage, rather allowing ‘the Camino’ to decide where I rest and how far I go.

At times it is challenging to let life come as it may. That is to resist engineering an outcome.

Among the not doing of the camino? Trying to be a Friend to all, not minister to any as a reflex response. Not that good counsel doesn’t occur but first friendship.

But today we must celebrate James, the apostle!

It is because of his apostolic mission that the Camino de Santiago even exists! In a few weeks we’ll arrive at Compostela de Santiago and view his burial chamber containing his ossuary and walk the streets he illuminated with the Gospel.

What did he say? Well, like Paul in our first reading he outlines the primordial Creed. The passing on what Jesus did: fulfilling scripture. And, as or more importantly, his resurrection, the joy of our Easter!

If my photo essays do anything does it not invoke our responsorial prayer?

The heavens declare the glory of God;
and the firmament proclaims his handiwork.

A pastor in the Dutch church two days ago asked me to describe ‘Jesus is the way’. It was a current source of investigation for him (and how wonderfully he was an old man dreaming dreams).

Jesus answers the question best. There is only one way to live but in the interior life of God, the Father. Jesus ‘listening’ to the Father is not auditory capacity but on complete synchronicity of being as to there being no separation. Jesus describes it as the Father dwelling in him. Synchronicity comes when proximity is imminent and immediate.

His work is my work.
His glory is my glory.

Jesus said.

Now, do likewise.

In 1Jn 2, we can be sure (certain) that we are in God… Living the same kind of life Christ lived.

Saint James, Apostle, did many wonderous deeds and taught as Jesus taught. He calls me to Compostela. I come.

Saint James, pray for all pilgrims.

Saint James, help us to live the interior life.

Peace be with you,
Deacon Gerry