On the way to Bilbao

After two days in Santiago de Compostela (one if you count sleeping 18 hours as not a day), on to Bilbao. When I started this trip I had only a vague idea of how to return to BIQ Biarritz, the airport for the return home.

But since I gave half a thought to walking the Camino via the Northern route, this is a happy bus trip East. From the comfort of a coach, sightsee what I could not walk. The French Way was quite the walk and family forbids I walk yet another segment. Thou doest protest too much 😃

I want to see the ocean again.

Peace be with you,

Deacon Gerry

Gift of Pentecost

Camino Reflection 1.

The gift of Pentecost is to understand. A reversal of the effects of the Tower of Babel, chaos, confusion, alliance, acquisition and advantage.

The gift of understanding from the source of all understanding and truth, God himself as gift. Jesus’ return to the Father so that the Consoler will come is not a sign of weakness or insufficiency as if God can only spare a third of himself at a time.

No, Father and Spirit gifted Son in the Incarnation. Father and Son gift the Spirit in Pentecost.

All are present in the Father.

God holds nothing back. In His entirety he gives.

The Camino is a gift of understanding. From planning, arrival, onset, continuation, to climax in Holy Mass of the Pilgrim in the Chapel of Pilgrims on the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord.

Jesus returns that he and the Father gift us again.

Stories and insights, yes. Over time, I’m in no rush. But you should know of all I could remember, of those I was reminded of and those on the Way, prayers and supplication.

We stand and exist by the power of God, in the love of God, and for the reflexive and responsive love we were created into and for.

Babel has ended. Divine insight is ours as gift: personal and in the person of God.

Be set free and like in the gift of understanding.

Peregrinos, return in understanding.

Peace be with you,

Deacon Gerry

Blessing before blessing


Notice of this Pilgrim Letter

(my name)

Has passed through the lands of Sahagún in León, the Geographical Center of the French Camino de Santiago and as it says in the Coder Calixtinus”… prodigal in all kinds of goods, where the meadow is located, in which it is said, once the shining antlers greened that the victorious warriors had driven to the ground, to the glory of the Lord”. who, as he attests, has found rest for the fatigue of the body and relief for the souls.

The inhabitants of this noble town encourage you to continue on your way and arrive safely at the Compostela de Santiago, where we hope you have a memory of those who have welcomed you.

For the record and can be shown to whoever requests it, I sign the present in Sahagun.

The Mayor.

Adephonsus, King of the Legion, and Tousius, Emperor of Spain

Paula Conde Huerta

Iacobus Asociacion Peregrina

Pilgrim Letter.