Are any of us exempt from grief?

Some fight grief.
Some cannot seem to come to grips with grief.
Some learn to accommodate grief and integrate the reality of grief in their life.

From unpredictable to stable.

The intensity of grief often follows a glide slope of conversion from emotional and expressive to integral and reflective. The intensity often remains once integration occurs as evidenced by the reaction to a second or third grief event and the carry forward grief response (usually to the surprise of everyone).

I’d like to write about grief from time to time here on this blog. If I was the officiating minister of service for your loved one and you still are having difficulty integrating feel free to contact me for further discussions and prayer.

Points to ponder:

• Grief is the need to find new ways of expressing love. The deceased can no longer be hugged, kissed and talked to in the usual ways. New methods of expressing love are needed.
• The soul is always listening. As a loved one slips into the final stages of life and the foreshadow of death they often cannot talk or communicate.
• But they do communicate through the Gospel and can hear with the soul. Soul talk now and prayer later provide the spiritual communication that brings relief to the mind and body.

Funerals, Wakes, Graveside Services and Memorials

These services are only arranged through your local funeral director.

Grief counselling in a no-cost service and can be arranged by direct contact.

Grief as communication

Grief is both unitary and communitarian. Each person experiences grief as a unique subjective response to change in communion. Let’s journey together and find the integration needed for a healthy life.

Grief Competencies

From time to time I write on Grief.

I am no expert on the matter however I do have basic competencies:

  1. Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE);
  2. Hospice Interfaith Chaplaincy;
  3. Veterans Administration Chaplaincy experience (volunteer) (VAMC); and
  4. Ordained with Masters of Theology.

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Until next time.

Deacon Gerry