Winter Ecclesiology

Welcome to the Winter 2020 series on Ecclesiology.

This is a brief four week series. The intention is to add some perspective to the basic historical development of the Church and sacred Scripture.

Saint Ann WPB

Saint Ann, West Palm Beach, Florida. Just because it’s beautiful photo I took 🙂

The final version of the outline is available here (Ecclesiology – Outline).

Week Four

Completing content of prior three weeks. Constantine and the Edict of Milan. The cementing of the Romanization of the Church, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Week Three

Focus the third week will be on the use of councils to resolve doctrinal disputes (or not resolve) and the refinement of the theology. Related to this the doctrinal disputes that created fissures in the Christian community (CE 431, 451 and 1054).

PDF of a PowerPoint presentation on the Ecumenical Councils.

Week Two

Focus this second week was on the Apostolic Age and related historical developments in the area of early Monastic formation and the importance of Martyria helpful to understand the formative events and challenges of the early Church.

Courtesy of here is a PDF file of the Sayings of the Desert Fathers. A wonderful read.

Week One

Focus this first week was on the Acts of the Apostles and related historical documents helpful to understand the formative events and challenges of the early Church.

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