Colonialism is a delusional basis.

The departure of the American Catholic Church from the leadership of the Church is a product of delusional reasoning. The Church seems to be running toward law as solution rather than the beatitudes.

Have we lost confidence in love? Have we fallen into reductionist reasoning that love is equal to impotence?

Conversion of love is the only valid Christian message. As I say time and again, Conversion not Coercion. Conversion of every christian heart in solidarity and common good with all human hearts.

Contrast Pope Francis.

In this time, Pope Francis is apologizing for the deplorable acts of individual Christians and the whole of the Church’s participation in the catastrophic Canadian assimilation policies against the indigenous people.

National Catholic Register link

Whatever the social issue the answer is respect, compassion, sensitivity, friendship, welcoming, participation, common orderliness, and a journey to holiness.

Modern colonialism exists, is expanding and even within our own cities.

We must bring from our own treasures quiet discourse, familial love, virtues, chastity, Sacrament and baptism. Not as instrument but as gift and gift alone. Bearing rejection gracefully and respectfully.

Peace be with you,

Deacon Gerry

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