Camino de Santiago – Pain, a New Look

I suppose you think I’m gonna whine about pain. Well, since you asked:

I gashed my knee, I don’t know how. I ache head to toe. I’m still bald.

But I’m smiling.

Just think how many in-pain penitential pilgrams have made this trail? We date the first event with the Apostle James, brother of John. Look at these two markers provided to ease the pain of uncertainty.

When you walk these trails, getting lost time and again, the relief when you see a valid marker!

Pain is a over used term. There are so many other words from use that more accurately describe your feelings and provide a healthier frame of reference.

Same goes for all the basic emotions: Anger, Fear, Sadness, Disgust & Enjoyment. But these are starting points only. We refine by:

1. Naming and renaming until satisfied.

2. Honor it as an authentic expression of your response to a person or event.

3. Make new expressions.

Be creative. See if you can find creative expressions in these photos.

Florida Trail patch FT added by me.

The road ahead changed with perspective. There were two young women on the trail and it was the last 5-6 km remaining. I was overtaking them because they were progressing at a snail’s pace. So…

I reminded them of Rocky Balboa’s theme song: Gonna Fly Now. Complete with me dancing and boxer prancing in an old man sort of way.

Not much immediate impact as they were downright miserable. But I began to hear giggles and the singing. Which required me playing the fool on an unnamed street in Spain. Reframing.

The road ahead is filled with wonder. Put your boxing gloves on.

Peace be with you,

Deacon Gerry

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