Greetings on this the Memorial of Saint Paul Miki and Companions, Martyrs

Readings: Gn 1:1-19; Ps 104:1-2a, 5-6, 10 and 12, 24 and 35c; Mk 6:53-56
Notes: In the Sunday homily I used the example of the White Coat ceremony. There are two phases to the ceremony separated in time. Short white coat when they begin clinical phase of their education. Long white coat when all is completed.

Picking the honored person to confer the white coat is a big deal. Often a father or grandfather, long a physician, confers on their progeny the passing on of an honored profession. So happy to proclaim: You are just like me.

Is it any less with the Lord?

Your white coat is your baptismal garment.
And you are following the path your heavenly Father desires for you – to be just like him.

I can repeat the theme today, yes?

  • In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth – he ordered all things to give you your white coat.
  • In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth – he wanted for you to be like him.
  • In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth – he knew your best future is be daughter and son of the Most High.

Let – To cause, to express a command, to express a request, to give permission or opportunity to; allow.


Today, a new era has come for the Church in Japan. Although the number of Catholics is not large, the Church is respected and has total religious freedom. The spread of Christianity in the Far East is slow and difficult. Faith such as that of the 26 martyrs is needed today as much as in 1597.

From: https://www.franciscanmedia.org/saint-of-the-day/saint-paul-miki-and-companions/

First reading

God saw how good it was.
God saw how good it was.

God saw how good it was.

Responsorial Psalm
May the Lord be glad in his works.

Alleluia Verse
Jesus preached the Gospel of the Kingdom and cured every disease among the people.

Gospel Portion
Whatever villages or towns or countryside he entered, they laid the sick in the marketplaces and begged him that they might touch only the tassel on his cloak; and as many as touched it were healed.

Let us.
Let him.
How good it is.

Peace be with you,
Deacon Gerry

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