Summer Gospel

Four Evangelist Symbols

Welcome to the Summer Series – Gospel of John.

Week Five

In progress…

Week Four

Outline updated and ready for you to download and/or print. See link below.

Week Three

Outline updated and ready for you to download and/or print. See link below.

Week Two

We had a great second session. The watermelon and delicious scones break at the midpoint was a nice childhood summertime memory. We joked that a lawn sprinkler out front to run through would be good too.

I am hatching a new treat idea for next week in keeping with the summer fun theme.

We covered the Wedding at Cana and the Cleansing of the Temple. Noting again that the cleansing of the temple is the first step. The temple is not ready for use again until the blood sacrifice (of Jesus). Jesus asserts lordship over the elements and lordship over worship. He is the authority the Temple authorities wish they were.

We also covered the dialog with Nicodemus, witness of the Baptist and the second sign at Cana. Basically chapters 2 and 3 with the last section of chapter 4. Treatment of the Samaritan woman is a separate night.

I provided a chart grid in the outline so you can see the lecture in a table format. You can see there that Jesus’ comment that Nicodemus should have been able to understand being reborn/renewed ‘from above’. For the Samaritan audience I provided the equivalent text from the Torah. Therefore any reader (Samaritan, Pharisee, Gentile) should from ancient sacred text be able to understand Jesus’ comments.

Equally we spent time talking about what belief if Jesus actually means in its fullness. It is not a mere acceptance of the testimony of Jesus of who he is and why he came but to live the prescription of life he offers. See scripture references as updated.

Touching on the companion second sign at Cana the healing of the royal official son in Capernaum we see the second of seven signs of Jesus. Here Jesus adds to his command revelation (Lordship). The second Cana sign also points toward the eventual sacrament of anointing of the sick not as a rite proper but as an imperative of the faith to heal the sick.

  • First Sign Cana – Water to Wine – Lordship over the created space (Earth/Elements).
  • Second Sign Cana – Curing Illness – Lordship over humanity (Wellness of body and evidence of spirit/faith). Note again believing comes from doing.

Outline updated with new references and content and ready for reprint. This includes the Nicodemus dialog analysis and Torah references.

Week One

Our kick-off went well.

Having the social in the middle was perfect so we’ll repeat that. Summer time treats of ice-pops and chips hit the mood. Next week we’ll have a different summer treat!

We’ll review chapter one (prologue) to start week two and quickly proceed to chapter two and stay on schedule.

Here are the items I want to mention RE chapter one before leaving the prologue:

  • Word – flesh (a little deeper)
  • Glory – introducing the Glory theme (Father and Son)
  • Grace/Law – proper orientation.
  • Calling disciples – intended as a primer for Gentiles.
  • Introducing the Nathanael dialog which states clearly Son of God and King of Israel and more to our vector focus – Jacob’s ladder. Jacob (beloved of the Samaritans) plays a critical role in the writing of the Gospel of John. Jacob and Joseph are really, really, really important to Gospel of John.

Going Beyond: (extra credit – this is for contemplation while sitting under a fig tree)

I introduced the idea that the Gospel of John has a threaded theme of correcting the use of water in practice, worship and theology. John deliberately keeps this theme throughout. In every case Jesus is correcting the use or understanding of water in the divine plan. I will cover these things but not as primary content.

  • Baptism of Water, Baptism Water and Spirit.
  • Ceremonial Washing Water
  • Samaritan Woman at Jacob’s Well
  • Living Water
  • Sheep Gate with Bethsada pool of Water (the Asclepeion – healing God Asclepius)
  • Walking on Water
  • Living Water (#2)
  • Pool of Siloam (contrast to the story of the Bethsada pool event)
  • Washing Disciples Feet
  • Blood and Water


Cumulative Outlines: (new outlines posted weekly)

Week 5 … in progress…

Gospel of John Outline – Week 4

Gospel of John Outline – Week 3

Gospel of John Outline – Week 2

Gospel of John Outline – Week 1

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  1. Deacon Gerry,

    Thank you. I am replying to also let you and all know that there was an umbrella left behind in the chapel and it is here at rectory.
    You may pick it up or I can bring back next Tuesday.

    God bless


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