Open Reply to Rev. W. F. Graham III

I watched your interview with MSNBC January 20th, 2018. You were invited to comment on the moral dimension of this President. You sounded like a talking head on FoxNews. I’d like to offer you some points to ponder for your next exchange.

Businessman who is a President – on behalf of the thousands of moral business men of all faiths – are you kidding me – this justifies President Cold Chaos? It is reasonable to argue the merits of the President’s economic policy initiatives and legislation. It is not reasonable to use it as cover for his excess and anti-constitutional activities. In either case, the agenda put forward by the President is roundly criticized for its shift to a nearly exclusive producer benefit.

See –

Situational relativism – It is impossible, I thought, to account the moral decline in the USA and at the same time find no actual correction or criticism for this Presidents behavior. Yet you managed to do so. If there is a Christian persecution to come, which you are so happy to declare, it will be in no small part a product of such double-speak.

Civil Law is subordinate to Divine Law – Good for you. I find it remarkable you find ‘barbed wire’ as the appropriate divine solution for the economic and civil distress in nations south of the USA borders. Did you miss all the worthy works and efforts to bring gain to all nations within the Americas? You do not see these as more appropriate for Justice?


War enthusiasm – your war enthusiasm is appalling. Christian ethics are perversely twisted with your slippery talk of justify the war policy of President Trump by intermingled war with your own laudable efforts to aid Arab Christians. This commingling of war and peace is anathema. You would do well to study more closely the importance of “just war” principles.


Prayer – Yes. Indeed! You see a lot of hate. Perhaps this is a reflection within you not visited upon you. Your comments are typical Trump code words and lack a genuine exchange of ideas. Shame you fall into such verbiage and mindset.

I’ll pray for you, the President and the people. I do encourage you to read more fruitful ideas on solutions to immigration and justice. Get out of your barbed wire mentality. That us what the crown of Jesus was made of.


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