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If you wonder why I don’t write much during the Triduum is because of you. Your Easter expressions of faith, your witness is profoundly uplifting and cherished. It is enough for me to hear the Gospel from your lips and blogs.

Beautiful, profound, insightful reflections, all.

Silent Saturday. Be assured you are feeding me, my brother and sister.

You have become Bread for the journey.

Peace be with you,

Deacon Gerry


Misaemich brings clarity amid the whirlwind of life.

MisaeMich 🙂

A tourist visited a Sufi. He was astonished to see that the Sufi’s home was a simple room. The only furniture was a mat and a kerosene lamp.

Tourist: “Sufi where is your furniture?”
Sufi: “Where is yours?”
Tourist: “Mine? But I’m only a tourist here.”
Sufi: “So am I!”

~ Rumi

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A Father’s Advice to His Son

A wonderful piece from a fellow traveler and blogger.


As a young boy my mother made me learn a sentence. The magic aspect of that one line was that it did not end with a full stop rather it took a flight of fancy and inspiration even before it ended. And She must have said this sentence a thousand times by the time i was twelve as few other sentences had started arriving at her memory doorstep, but by then I had found the keys to the roots for reaching to the tree top.

“If you want to be a happy adult Nara, she used to say, read the 3R’s. And those 3Rs were; Ruskin Bond, Roald Dahl and Rudyard Kipling.

As I look back today, I couldn’t have asked for any other direction as a child from anyone. She set me up early in my life filling it with curiosity, travels and compassion towards all beings and nature.

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101 Joyful Affirmations for 2023 — Godspacelight

by Jenneth Graser I recently enjoyed the blessing of attending the Godspace Following the Star Retreat led by Christine Sine and Lilly Lewin. It was facilitated with such hospitality and inclusion, a gentle creative approach to what can be a somewhat daunting feeling at the beginning of a new year, with all of the expectations… 101 […]

101 Joyful Affirmations for 2023 — Godspacelight

Camino de Santiago – Silence

Pilgrim beacon to rest and be restored

Traditional catholic Albergues welcome all pilgrams. The standard is they present a las credentiales, showing the progress of your journey. Theoretically a person is briefed when receiving the booklet prior to the journey.

Social Room. Dormitories are stacked bunks, co-ed with little room but to sleep.
View of Bay, Vigo, Spain.
Portuguese Coastal route

Tomorrow plan.

Silence. I mean this in multiple ways. I could not send Saturday blog due to connectivity. Silence in that these walks offer significant timespans of worldy silence. Here are a few photos so you can imagine how.

But I want to focus on Divine Silence.

Let’s take the Incarnation, discarding a falsehood first. In the incarnation the Father was silent but he was a supreme gift giver: the second and third person of the Holy Trinity. During the Incarnation, the Holy Spirit Permanently came to live in the Blessed Mother, then (simultaneously or in sequence depends on your bias) Jesus was incarnate by the Holy Spirit. All by the silent desire and silent dreams of God.

Please reference Leonardo Boff, Thoughts and Dreams for deeper take.

Saint Joseph is given no speaking lines in the New Testament. Did he speak, yes, two ways. Like the Lord he dispensed divine silence in his action roles. He also spoke words as that’s the only way we know. Know he dreamed.

God dreams of you and then acts on it. Joseph dreamed about Mary and then acted on it. Dream, please.

So I mentioned that this is a penitential pilgrimage. So included in that is a continuous recollection and recounting of my faults and failures. But God went silent. It is tempting to be annoyed with him, yes?

But each fault I brought up silence spoke otherwise. In the silence I went deeper. If you are okay with Freudian or Jung psychology you may recognize the process as root analysis.

Me: I am impatient, Silence: you don’t feel respected. Me: I am prideful, Silence says you covet things you think I will take them away from you.

It is good to confess objective actions as these are the doing. But Silence wants to fix the root cause. The root cause may also be sinful but MORE LIKELY the sin of our refusal to engage the silence that dreams dreams and acts on them.

Comforting Images that only speak when you consider them.

Laundry every other day.

Peace be with you,

Deacon Gerry