Wounds and Mercy

Put your finger here

Greetings on this the Second Sunday of Easter

Readings: Acts 2:42-47; PS 118:2-4, 13-15, 22-24; 1 Ptr 1:3-9; Jn 20:19-31


In our first reading we see even in the midst of conflict, danger and oppression, the Apostles and followers are living in peace.

They lived a communal life, celebrated the ‘breaking of bread’ and prayer.

Even among their oppressors and conquerers, who witnessed their way of life, marveled. Scripture notes The Way enjoyed the favor of all the people. Both for their internal peace and their embracing of the estranged.

Do we live this way?

How, yes? How, no?

Genuine Life

The second reading confirms some elemental points. We are not immune from suffering through trials. In fact, how we act during trial is what will be our testimony at the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Peter said a genuine faith will be revealed in trial and suffering and the forbearance we exhibit are as precious as gold. Yet more than gold but that it proves by charity we really are praising, honoring and glorifying God.

Wounds Fear and Peace

How beautiful the Gospel of John testifying to the Mercy of God! Here Thomas put your finger here.

It is a marvel that God allows us to wound him. Yet he wants us to learn from and be released from the bondage of these wounds.

Do not be afraid. Twice repeated.

Mercy is stronger that the wounds. Mercy thinks beyond mistakes. Mercy calls us to the Divine Life.

Let Us Follow Him

Following the path of mercy can be difficult. Our current crisis brings our most difficult trials upon our heads.

Let us be merciful. Let’s live in community. Let’s share the sacred bread that is Jesus. Let us be kind to stranger and enemy.

Let us put our hand into the side of Jesus that his Mercy be real for us and for all.

Let the course of our lives bring honor, praise and the favor of the people so that Christ may be known.

For Our Sake – Mercy

For the sake of his sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world. I ask God to do that. I ask also from you.


Deacon Gerry

Let Us Die with Him

The Raising of Lazarus

Media Change

My PC is over 12 years old and still running Windows Vista. The problem is Trend Micro stopped supporting the OS. So until I can buy a replacement, I will post via Android phone only.

My posts will be brief. Maybe helping me write more clearly. Let us hope.

Greetings on this the Fifth Sunday of Lent

Readings: EZ 37:12-14; PS 130:1-8; ROM 8:8-11; JN 11:1-45

The seventh and final sign of Jesus in the place called Bethany. Bethany- House of Affliction. Bethany – House of Figs.

Bethany as place and in persons is the climatic pre-arrest confrontation. Lazarus, Mary, Martha are beloved by all of Judea. Everyone even the worst among us respected the holiness within them.

In the dramatic raising of Lazarus, Jesus gives sign of his power over death and in the Resurrection promise.

After this event both Jesus and Lazarus (in some ways especially Lazarus) are under the death sentence of the leadership as recorded in the Session of the Sanhedrin.

Let Us Die with Him

Thomas gives word to the interior thoughts of the Apostles. Faced with certain death, they go to tend to the dead. Even though their understanding is limited, their faith propels them forward to accompany Jesus (See book of Tobit for interesting parallels).

Instead of burying, raising.

During the Lazarus event Jesus ‘snorted in spirit’. See In 11:33-34 and In 11:37-38. The first snort is the effect weak faith has on the Lord. The second is the effect dead faith has on the Lord.

Snorting and Weeping

In-between the weak faith and dead faith, the opposite poles, Jesus wept. For all of them. He wept because we flip between the opposite ends. He weeps for us too.

The promise is made real in the person. By the sign of Lazarus and later in his own Resurrection.

If we must die and we do, then I want to heed the words of Didymus. Let us go to die with him.

For me I have decided to follow Jesus, also a favorite spiritual song. Let us love the living, the dying and the dead.


Deacon Gerry

I Believe, Help My Unbelief

Today’s Gospel contains the words of a father desperate for his possessed child. “If you can, help”. Jesus replies, “Faith”.

Then the marvelous confession shared by so many of us, ‘I believe…. But… Help my unbelief’

How many have a vague sense of faith. A dimly lit candle of faith. I tell you ask Jesus to help you in your unbelief’.

I sit here among the dead knowing they will rise in the resurrection. I reach out to the living telling them same.

Woodside, NY. Preaching the resurrected Jesus.

Rite of Committal

Preached the 7:30 AM Mass today. The basic notes found here this site You have heard that it was said .

Now at PBI awaiting my flight to LGA. Bringing Mom to her final resting place. Monday 11:00 AM.

Blessed Mother Intercede for Her

This will be the conclusion of the funeral rites. A final act of the community of faith in caring for the body of its deceased member.

We commit her to her resting place as one among all those marked with the sign of faith where she too will await the glory of the resurrection.

The Church on Earth and the Church in Heaven share Mother now. We with our farewell prayers and they welcome her into the company of those who see God face to face.

Family Place, Calvary, Woodside.

May the Angels accompany you.

Sing Praise, sing praise

I’ll send photos throughout. May my devotion to her be give also to all those you love for we journey as a human family and love has no boundaries.


Deacon Gerry

Plane reading
Saint Sebastian – Baptismal Church
St Sebastian School she attended,
Morning Assembly
A pub the younger version frequented.