Sweet 16 Forever

March for Our Lives verses March Madness Sweet 16

It is hard to miss the contrast. While teens all over the nation march for their lives many others continue to watch the national college basketball frenzy. After all it is the Sweet 16 phase now.

Silence Now!

There will be no protests here! We’ve learned from Colin Kaepernick, don’t take a knee to protest violence, don’t call attention to the massacres. Turn the channel the game is on at 7:00 PM.

The Church

I reread the Decree on the Means of Social Communications (Inter Mirifica) dated December 4th, 1963 out of curiosity. How quaint it seems now.

Some basic producer outtakes:

  1. Right to information that concerns you.
  2. Truthful and complete (within the boundaries of justice and charity).
  3. Presented with decency and appropriately (IM, 5).
  4. Absolute primacy of the objective moral order (IM, 6).

Some basic consumer outtakes:

  1. Exercise free choice.
  2. Chose competent sources.
  3. Choose wisely valuing moral, cultural and artistic expressions.
  4. Consume in moderation.
  5. Discipline the use of media within oneself.
  6. Understand fully (IM, 9-10).

Social Sin – Silence

Inactive Catholics who allow the word of God to be suppressed, silenced, or obstructed commit a shameful act (IM, 17).

Here we must no longer be silent. Here we must take a knee in protest. Mark Zuckerberg in his drive for profits commits grave sin. He ignores his responsibility as ‘those who control the media, [are to] to use them solely for the good of humanity, for its fate [humanity] becomes more and more dependent on their right use (IM, 24).

What do you think?

Replies welcome.


Peace be with you,

Deacon Gerry






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