The Good Maurice

School Play Beauty Beast ColorMaurice and the Good Shepherd Discourse (JN 10:11-18)

Would you mind?


(hours later… what did I just agree to?)

Six weeks later and hours of practices behind us… make-up, mic and a curtain opens.

I became the oldest ever cast member of a High School production of Beauty and the Beast at Saint John Paul II Academy.

Lay down his Life

Maybe it more accurate to say set aside the norm for a time and dedicate my time and energy for the flock.

And too the flock decided to set aside their natural suspicions and distain for Maurice and allow him to be their own for a time.

We had to learn to hear each other. Intensely listening and waiting for clues and cues as to how to respond. And when we heard the unexpected, bring the conversation around to the proper direction.

We learned to guide, encourage, correct with affection.

We even had wolves. They were fun and kept the mystery in the play.

Work with no pay

None were a hireling. We weren’t in it for gain.

We were there to be the connective sinew between an actor’s dreams and effectuation.

Christ was happy

Hearing the Beast and Belle sing brought tears of joy. Watching the teens bring to life the enchanted objects pure elation.

The tech crew keeps the intricate drama scene by scene moving with flare and grace, priceless.

Christ was happy to have the sheep be the shepherds.

Peace be with you,

Deacon Gerry


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