Goodbye Facebook

Goodbye FaceBook

My FaceBook days have come to an end.

Previously I suspended my use of FaceBook in protest of Mark Zuckerberg’s continued resistance to federal investigation of the misuse of FaceBook. And, secondly, for the unbound quest of profit by FaceBook where they encouraging and were found even working with those who would undermine our democracy with weaponized .social media.

All this is public knowledge.

The final straw for me was the August 1st decision by FaceBook to remove a useful feature of FaceBook – the ability to publish once from one social media account (my blog) to my FaceBook and LinkedIn accounts. LinkedIn continues to support this feature but as of August 1st, no longer FaceBook.

FaceBook removed the feature. I suppose you can try to argue that this is a necessary step to secure FaceBook from malevolent use. No, it’s a stunt. The tools FaceBook offers these bad actors continue to be available. The problem is FaceBook doesn’t want to invest in identity management. It has a vested interest in pretending FaceBook doesn’t know who you are.

I Don’t Know You ~ Yet Really I do

One of the key misleading aspects of FaceBook is identity management. There is a fair belief they don’t want to spend any development money on it either.

FaceBook axiom – We have no idea who you are and at the same time we know everything about you through metadata.

LinkedIn axiom – We know who you are by reason of your resume, address, phone, email, work history, endorsements, references, associations and interests. LinkedIn isn’t worries about me because LinkedIn has a much more comprehensive understanding of who I am. LinkedIn is confident in its ability to police their site and the character of the people who use it. Let me make a shout out to those LinkedIn members who report any bad actors quickly. This has kept the service useful and straightforward.

It is worth noting Apple became the first $1 Trillion dollar company. Apple has always taken security seriously. Identity is very important to Apple.

Keep me mesmerized no more

Hypnotic is the FaceBook platform.  Equally true all electronics. You might want to read the book iGen by Jean M. Twenge to get a feel for how pervasive this problem is among the young.

FaceBook can’t face the truth

It is a very sad reality that FaceBook has staffed its business managers, engineers, designers, business analysts and project managers with an insufficient mental framework in order to identify actors who are immoral and/or unethical. Truth has been replaced by the God Transaction and it is beyond their grasp to imagine any other framework. FaceBook needs to invest in the human development of its staff. The humanities, philosophy, logic are missing from the thinking process.

If FaceBook doesn’t rely on the universal philosophical propositions you cannot even approach the truth.

I will continue to write – to no one in particular

What I write and what I think matters little to the world. And, yet, it matters greatly to the telling of truth and I perform my responsibility toward that end. Toward a good end.


Deacon Gerry


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Facebook

  1. Very good article, I have given up the social networks like Instagram, and face book is next. I dont use it but to see family member photos. And they do not use it much anymore either. I also gave up the television and have not missed it at all. Have a good day.

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