Rite of Committal

Preached the 7:30 AM Mass today. The basic notes found here this site You have heard that it was said .

Now at PBI awaiting my flight to LGA. Bringing Mom to her final resting place. Monday 11:00 AM.

Blessed Mother Intercede for Her

This will be the conclusion of the funeral rites. A final act of the community of faith in caring for the body of its deceased member.

We commit her to her resting place as one among all those marked with the sign of faith where she too will await the glory of the resurrection.

The Church on Earth and the Church in Heaven share Mother now. We with our farewell prayers and they welcome her into the company of those who see God face to face.

Family Place, Calvary, Woodside.

May the Angels accompany you.

Sing Praise, sing praise

I’ll send photos throughout. May my devotion to her be give also to all those you love for we journey as a human family and love has no boundaries.


Deacon Gerry

Plane reading
Saint Sebastian – Baptismal Church
St Sebastian School she attended,
Morning Assembly
A pub the younger version frequented.

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