Personal Passover – Rabbi Amy


It’s nice to address you that way.

I have been unable to write to you mostly because I didn’t want to burden you then and that period has passed.

So my Mom passed into glory February 5th 2020. I know you can appreciate this comment. As painful as it was it was wonderful to be with her nonstop for many months and to be her outer strength with her inner struggle. Only the last few days were difficult for her but too short to mention given what can happen to people.

So now it is grief bursts and sorrow/joyful memory events.

It is nothing by comparison to your loss and bereavement and attempts to commingle grief is treacherous territory.

Except for the common elements of our faith traditions we can relate anew. We are all on an Exodus wandering journey together moving toward the eternal places.

The Passover does not eliminate death but illuminate the One who is stronger than death. And this One loves us.

Every spiritual blessing this Passover and may you liturgy bring consolation.

My greeting to your congregation. Peace!


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Rabbi Amy References:

Rabbi Amy Grossblatt Pessah
Author, Parenting on a Prayer 
(Ben Yehuda Press, March 2020)

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