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Greetings on this the Memorial of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, Priest
Readings: Lv 25:1, 8-17; PS 67:2-3, 5, 7-8; Mt 14:1-12
Notes: Using some etymology today.
Saint Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus, Jesuits.
Pope Francis is a Jesuit.

First reading
The Jubilee year is described. All matters are to be set aright.

Land, the basic form of wealth, is to be sold back and settled so all receive what is rightfully theirs with appropriate compensation.

Joyfully we are to make right with one another. Not that we should wait 50 yers to do it.

A Day of Atonement is an annual event and even more substantial in the Jubilee year.

In both cases, we assess what is true and act accordingly in the light of God’s mercy and justice who set us free from slavery in Egypt.

All this at the prompting of Moses who speaks for the Lord.

Responsorial Psalm
O God, let all the nations praise you!

Alleluia Verse
Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness
for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.

Gospel Portion
Herod the tetrarch beheaded John the Baptist.

His day of Atonment arrived.

  • Instead of setting free, he tried to bury his error.
  • Instead of settling accounts, he tried to erase the memory.

And he celebrated his birthday.

The OT and NT readings give a sharp contrast to life choices.

For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. What profit would there be for one to gain the whole world and forfeit his life? Or what can one give in exchange for his life? (Natt 16:25-26)

Live a Jubilee life!

Peace be with you,
Deacon Gerry

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