Greetings on this the Memorial of Saints John de Brébeuf and Isaac Jogues, Priests, and Companions, Martyrs
Readings: Rom 5:12, 15b, 17-19, 20b-21; PS 40:7-8a, 8b-9, 10, 17; Lk 12:35-38
Notes: Psalm 40 means a lot to me. It meant even more to the Saints and Martyrs we celebrate today.

I announced your justice in the vast assembly;
I did not restrain my lips, as you, O LORD, know.


Faith and heroism planted belief in Christ’s cross deep in our land. The Church in North America sprang from the blood of martyrs, as has been true in so many places. The ministry and sacrifices of these saints challenges each of us, causing us to ask just how deep is our faith and how strong our desire to serve even in the face of death.

First reading
Through one man sin entered the world, and through sin, death, and thus death came to all men, inasmuch as all sinned.

If by that one person’s transgression the many died, how much more did the grace of God and the gracious gift of the one man Jesus Christ overflow for the many.

Responsorial Psalm
Here I am, Lord; I come to do your will.

“In the written scroll it is prescribed for me,
To do your will, O my God, is my delight,
and your law is within my heart!”

Alleluia Verse
Be vigilant at all times and pray
that you may have the strength to stand before the Son of Man.

Gospel Portion

  1. Our First Reading today is the imperative. Sin has entered the world. Jesus has defeated sin.
  2. Our Responsorial is expression of entering into the divine work in thanksgiving.
  3. Our Gospel Portion:

Be ready to open immediately when he comes and knocks to do his will.
He himself is girt in us, for us, with us as we are girt for him.

Gird up your loins now, like a man (Job 38:3a).

Peace be with you,
Deacon Gerry

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