Cracked Tiles

Photo by Laura Tancredi on

Ceramic Tile

We have a ceramic tile floor in the house.
It is durable and strong. Cleans up well.

The tile has been glued to the floor for over 30 years.
But when you walk on it, the tile have started to move and flex.
In some places, the flexing is extreme and the tile cracks.

You see the glue is dry.
The glue has shrunken.

The glue no longer binds the tile to the cement floor as well as it once did.
Time for new glue.
And repair the tile.

This is the Church.
The tile is the teaching and practice.
The glue is love.
The cement subflooring is the Lord never changing.

The tile need to be rebound to the floor with refreshed love.
Otherwise we’ll be cracked ceramic tile, untethered to the truth, beautiful but useless.

Peace be with you,

Deacon Gerry

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