Worry About Worrying

Worry is Alt Truth

Greetings on this the Saturday of the Eleventh Week in Ordinary Time
Readings: 2 Chr 24:17-25; PS 89:4-5, 29-30, 31-32, 33-34; Mt 6:24-34
Notes: Does worry have you worried?


  • Noun – a state of anxiety and uncertainty over actual or potential problems
  • Verb – give way to anxiety or unease; allow one’s mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles
  • Alt verb – (of a dog or other carnivorous animal) tear at, gnaw on, or drag around with the teeth.

The first reading shows that worry brought about the attempt to be loyal to God and amass mammon to protect you from worry. Eek! A tough place any of us can fall into.

First reading
Key to understand this first reading are these verses early in the 24th chapter:

  1. Joash did what was right in the LORD’s sight as long as Jehoiada the priest lived (v2).
  2. Jehoiada grew old, full of years, and died; he was a hundred and thirty years old (v15).
  3. After the death of Jehoiada, the princes of Judah came and paid homage to the king; then the king listened to them. They forsook the temple of the LORD, the God of their fathers, and began to serve the sacred poles and the idols (v17-18a).

Then the Spirit of God possessed Zechariah,
son of Jehoiada the priest.
He took his stand above the people and said to them:
“God says, ‘Why are you transgressing the LORD’s commands,
so that you cannot prosper?
Because you have abandoned the LORD, he has abandoned you.’”

For our gospel reading today, in light of the Sacred Heart, one must ask the question:

  • What was Joash worried about?
  • Why did he turn from the Lord after the death of Jehoiada?

I don’t want to throw shade at him. But the hint of money and wealth available at the rebuilding of the temple seems to be a hidden primary theme for Joash.

He gathered together the priests and Levites and said to them: “Go out to all the cities of Judah and gather money from all Israel that you may repair the house of your God over the years. You must hurry this project.” But the Levites did not (v5).

Yes, Joash rebuilt the temple (the good) and Joash/princes stole some for themselves (the bad).

Hence the warning about: God and mammon.

Responsorial Psalm
For ever I will maintain my love for my servant.

“I will punish their crime with a rod
and their guilt with stripes.
Yet my mercy I will not take from him,
nor will I belie my faithfulness.”

Alleluia Verse
Jesus Christ became poor although he was rich,
so that by his poverty you might become rich.

Gospel Portion
Jesus said to his disciples:
“No one can serve two masters.
He will either hate one and love the other,
or be devoted to one and despise the other.
You cannot serve God and mammon.

Jesus counsels about worry FOUR times in this gospel portion. Worry about worrying and then give the worry to the Lord.

Peace be with you,
Deacon Gerry

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