VAMC We Remember

VAMC Riviera Beach FL

As part of my Sabbatical I carved out time for my fellow veterans. Even today, a Joyful Reunion in Christ. Our liturgy is the return and reunion.

It is family that we disappoint most but family loves the most too. Reach out today and in love, love on those who you miss.

One family, wife and daughter, visit with a veteran separated by an iron rod fence. Isolation and COVID-19 can’t stop love. Smiles, stories, joy and regrets no iron fence can bar passage.

Another veteran, having rejected all pastoral care previously, refused all consolation until today. I came to him, heart before the Lord in prayer, and a wonder of wonders. Two visitors. A woman and man. I looked and said, Daughter and Son-in-law. Further, I know your eyes sparkle identically!! Dad, frail in bed, daughter by his side… Glowing with love. It is our families we disappoint the most but love us the most too.

Holy Mass with the faithful.

Cantor, Lector, Usher, Altar Server
Priest and Deacon

Peace be with you,

Deacon Gerry

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