Let Us Die with Him

The Raising of Lazarus

Media Change

My PC is over 12 years old and still running Windows Vista. The problem is Trend Micro stopped supporting the OS. So until I can buy a replacement, I will post via Android phone only.

My posts will be brief. Maybe helping me write more clearly. Let us hope.

Greetings on this the Fifth Sunday of Lent

Readings: EZ 37:12-14; PS 130:1-8; ROM 8:8-11; JN 11:1-45

The seventh and final sign of Jesus in the place called Bethany. Bethany- House of Affliction. Bethany – House of Figs.

Bethany as place and in persons is the climatic pre-arrest confrontation. Lazarus, Mary, Martha are beloved by all of Judea. Everyone even the worst among us respected the holiness within them.

In the dramatic raising of Lazarus, Jesus gives sign of his power over death and in the Resurrection promise.

After this event both Jesus and Lazarus (in some ways especially Lazarus) are under the death sentence of the leadership as recorded in the Session of the Sanhedrin.

Let Us Die with Him

Thomas gives word to the interior thoughts of the Apostles. Faced with certain death, they go to tend to the dead. Even though their understanding is limited, their faith propels them forward to accompany Jesus (See book of Tobit for interesting parallels).

Instead of burying, raising.

During the Lazarus event Jesus ‘snorted in spirit’. See In 11:33-34 and In 11:37-38. The first snort is the effect weak faith has on the Lord. The second is the effect dead faith has on the Lord.

Snorting and Weeping

In-between the weak faith and dead faith, the opposite poles, Jesus wept. For all of them. He wept because we flip between the opposite ends. He weeps for us too.

The promise is made real in the person. By the sign of Lazarus and later in his own Resurrection.

If we must die and we do, then I want to heed the words of Didymus. Let us go to die with him.

For me I have decided to follow Jesus, also a favorite spiritual song. Let us love the living, the dying and the dead.


Deacon Gerry

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