Never Return

Greetings on this the Friday of the Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time
Readings: Gn 23:1-4, 19; 24:1-8, 62-67; PS 106:1b-2, 3-4a, 4b-5; Mt 9:9-13
Notes: This beautiful Old Testament story is both chapters 23 and 24. You got the abbreviated version.

Maybe you can read the full version for its beautiful expression of divine care.
Love ancient style.

First reading
Should I then take your son back to the land from which you migrated?”
“Never take my son back there for any reason,” Abraham told him.

The journey with the Lord is a forward looking journey.

  • If he calls you out of somewhere – do not return.
  • If he calls you to somewhere – never depart.

How you understand this is particular to your circumstance.
Fidelity to the Lord is a key part of the analysis.

  • Where you are going to does it draw you closer to the Lord?
  • Where you are leaving does it take you away from the Lord?

Abraham wanted Isaac to never return to his ancestral lands to live because the place he was called to live was the place where the Lord is waiting for him, a place of promise.

(The same with Matthew in our gospel portion today).

Responsorial Psalm
Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.

Alleluia Verse
Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened,
and I will give you rest, says the Lord.

Gospel Portion
The gospel of Matthew contains two disciple calling stories.

Simon and Andrew and James and John are fishermen called to follow Jesus.
Matthew is called out of his life as a tax collector to follow Jesus.

While all of them are called to the divine mission, it is Matthew alone that is framed with the idea of sickness or sinner – needing to leave this place. Generally, but not specifically to Matthew, tax collectors extorted money above that which was levied. Therefore they were greatly detested.

Those who are well do not need a physician, but the sick do.

I know the Lord is always calling you to him.
But is he also calling you out of something?
How you understand this question is particular to your circumstance.

  • Where you are going to does it draw you closer to the Lord?
  • Where you are leaving does it take you away from the Lord?

Peace be with you,
Deacon Gerry

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