Diaspora River Crossing

Psalm 137

By the rivers of Babylon there we sat weeping when we remembered Zion. On the poplars in its midst we hung up our harps.
For there our captors asked us for the words of a song;
Our tormentors, for joy:
“Sing for us a song of Zion!”

But how could we sing a song of the LORD in a foreign land?
If I forget you, Jerusalem, may my right hand forget.
May my tongue stick to my palate if I do not remember you, If I do not exalt Jerusalem beyond all my delights (PS 137:1-6).


This river is the last view of Mexico for those making the trip from Guatemala to Lake Worth. Look back over the shoulder is the prayer of the diaspora.

Rio Grande, Mexico

Usumacinta River, Frontera Corozal, Mexico to Rio Grande River, Mexico.

1,378 miles end-to-end. Total 2,800 miles in-country by air, bus, car, boat, and foot.

Usumacinta River, Frontera Corozal, Mexico

People have a lot of derogatory remarks about the undocumented. I have some too:

Brave, strong, determined, hopeful, dreamers of the best kind.

Peace be with you,

Deacon Gerry

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