Gift of Sunrise


The Atlantic

By David Brooks

A priest friend whom I dearly love and respect offered this opinion piece for discussion. There are elements of the piece I disagree with and solid pieces too, that bring us to a center.

Life is a gift. Our ancestry is a gift. Our common history is a gift. If treated correctly, women as ‘alas, bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh’ we’d be doing well.

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In correlation, a scientific piece that from another angle brings giftedness to a new level.

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I gave an extensive reply but skipping that here.

Camino Reflection 0.

My summary reply:

Remember the wisdom of Solomon.

It is one woman in desperate contradiction to herself given space to discover her true calling, mother!

Theologians ignore this most important story!!!!

Peace be with you,

Deacon Gerry

Blessing before blessing


Notice of this Pilgrim Letter

(my name)

Has passed through the lands of Sahagún in León, the Geographical Center of the French Camino de Santiago and as it says in the Coder Calixtinus”… prodigal in all kinds of goods, where the meadow is located, in which it is said, once the shining antlers greened that the victorious warriors had driven to the ground, to the glory of the Lord”. who, as he attests, has found rest for the fatigue of the body and relief for the souls.

The inhabitants of this noble town encourage you to continue on your way and arrive safely at the Compostela de Santiago, where we hope you have a memory of those who have welcomed you.

For the record and can be shown to whoever requests it, I sign the present in Sahagun.

The Mayor.

Adephonsus, King of the Legion, and Tousius, Emperor of Spain

Paula Conde Huerta

Iacobus Asociacion Peregrina

Pilgrim Letter.