Vocation of Love

Vocation of Love

Greetings on this the Sixth Sunday of Easter

Readings: ACTS 8:5-8, 14-17; PS 66:1-3, 4-5, 6-7, 16, 20; 1 PT 3:15-18; JN 14:15-21

Special Circumstances Note:

Mass for this 6th Sunday of Easter will be done via live streaming. The public will be unable to attend due to the necessity of physical separation during the rolling waves of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since I will be preaching this Mass I thought it might be good to share my notes and research.

You can view the Mass on-line at one of these two places:

YouTube Link: sacredheartcatholichurchoflakeworth

Facebook Link: sacredheartcatholicchurchlakeworth

Voice of Prophecy

I go to a lot of doctors a lot. The building these various doctors are in is rated an Energy Star building for its innovative energy saving design.

I’m not complaining as I appear to be the youngest among the clients. Basically my fellow patients are all in the shape of a ‘C’. So I count myself fortunate.

Anyway, the front door is a source of shared giggles among my familiar strangers. You see it’s an automatic door.

I have gotten so good at making the door perform that I can walk full stride to the door, raise my hands like Moses and declare ‘Open says-a Me” and the door swings open. Seamlessly I glide through the doors at full stride to the delight of all present.

As time goes by I get a few good snarks like, ‘Moses has nothing on you’.

I guess you have to be there to appreciate the humor.

Well, I certainly have no superior skills or magic like powers.

Whatever I preach or prophecy about is always contained within and sourced from the sacred Scriptures and the Church. Not my own wisdom. I only own the presentation and application.

But Jesus is different.

Jesus is the one Moses spoke of who is the prophet worthy to be followed. And the test of worthiness is in the fulfillment and verification of the prophecy (See Deuteronomy 18:15ff).

Prophetic Jesus

The Gospel of John chapters 14-17 are of primary significance during the Easter season. Among many purposes one purpose is to provide the prophecy with its eventual fulfillment and verification.

Jesus predicts his arrest, trial, crucifixion, death, burial, resurrection, ascension and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. All this prior to the events. Prophecy.

The Gospel of John sets the stage for the recognition of the authority and truthfulness of Jesus’ words as fulfilled and verified (for the reader, in time).

His primary message is love.

Voice of Love

Jesus is the voice of love itself.

In revealing the divine love in the gift of the coming Advocate (the Holy Spirit) in today’s reading.

But he presages the gift with the commandment ‘If you love me, you will keep my commandments’.

Powerful Gifts of Love

Our first reading from the Book of the Acts of the Apostles tells of the deacon Philip in Samaria proclaiming the Christ in power! Unclean spirits expelled and those paralyzed and sick being healed. So powerful (Simon the magician who was power hungry previously) even those who had no use for love were being converted. So then baptized into the Name. Philip called for the Apostles Peter and John to lay hands upon them to receive the gifts of the holy Spirit.

Clear indications of the Sacramental system of heavenly graces. These are the powerful gifts of love (Baptism and Confirmation).

Long-serving Gift of Love

The Psalmist also provides us with a longer view. Here the psalmist speaks to the ancient saving work of God in the Exodus event. The psalmist wants us to recall the saving acts of God are past, present and future.

Gentle Gift of Love

Peter’s letter gives us the active agency of this divine love. All that was done and to be done in the Name must be done in gentleness and reverence for the one who is love and the power of love.

Commandment of the Gift of Love

And, finally, in the Gospel reading itself, Jesus sets the stage…. In all my prophecy (Jn 14-17), I am making now before my trial (Jn 18), all of it is based in divine love and the commandment to love like the divine has asked us.

Worldly Uncertainty but Divine Presence

We preach the world is uncertain, unaware and unconcerned with godly things. But we are. We concern ourselves with the commandment of love in all we do. In all our communities. In all our commerce. In every endeavor that humankind engages. Love first then do whatever you will.

Peace be with you,

Deacon Gerry

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